Budin.ga Hosting

Bespoke, Secure Hosting.
Serves all the websites by Freelance Geek | Mark N Hewitt

Responsive Design

All the Websites hosted on this Web Server are 100% Responsive, meaning that they look good whatever device they are viewed on

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Managed Hosting

All the websites on this server at looked after, upgraded, sorted out. you don’t have to worry about keeping your WordPress website up today

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Google Analytics

All Websites on this server come with google analytics built it, can have full access to your anonymous visitor data

any time you need to.

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99.9% Uptime

This Home run web server has a 99.9% average uptime. they only time it goes down is when the IPS fails

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We look after your privacy

All the websites on this server are looked behind, strong passwords and two-factor authentication everyting is encypted and safe.

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10 years

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